Asset Search

Asset Search, A True P.I

Our investigators search for the existence of hidden or lost assets and locate these assets. We offer comprehensive asset searches in the United States. Our Agency can reveal valuable and in–depth information for personal involvements or verification of credentials.

We identify and investigate various assets owned by individuals and businesses. These assets may include bank accounts, real estate properties, automobiles, aircrafts, watercrafts, vehicles, stocks, bonds, funds and unearned income from rentals, off–shore accounts, safety deposit boxes, dividends and interest from stock ownership. We can also search for assets owned through a third party such as trusts or other family members.

We provide assets searches and investigations for family law proceedings such as divorce and child support, and for civil litigations such as collection and judgment recovery. We specialize in locating assets through:

  • Public records search: department of motor vehicle records, Secretary of State filings, property records, utility records and civil and criminal court cases
  • Background check and investigation: employment search, criminal record search, Social Security Number (SSN) trace and verification, and credit history reports.
  • Bank account search
  • Tax filings search.