Public Records

Public Records, A True P.I

Under the Freedom of Information Act or each state’s open records laws, you have the right to access public information records without usually having to provide an explanation for the request. At A True P.I., we can help you search these public records.

We provide public records searches for individuals to locate missing persons or runaways, for attorneys to perform asset search, and for businesses to perform background checks and employment verification.

Public records search can include:

  • County public records: birth certificate and death certificate
  • Motor vehicle information: automobile registration, driver’s license and accident reports
  • Secretary of State filings: corporation record, uniform commercial code (UUC) filing and limited partnership
  • Property records: mortgage filing and tax appraisal
  • Utility records: water and electric bills
  • Voter registration record
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Occupational licenses: driving school record and registration record
  • Court filings: civil and criminal court filings, probate records, bankruptcy filing, tax lien records, and mortgage default records
  • Other records of interest: concealed weapons permit, and watercraft and aircraft registrations.