Witness Statements

Witness Statements, A True P.I

Witness statements are crucial to the successful disposition of an attorney’s legal case or claim. At A True P.I., we can investigate the accuracy of the witness statement.

Deciding to have a person’s witness statements investigated can ensure the successful outcome of your case or claim. Before an interview can begin, our private investigators can assess the witness before you decide to have your witness interviewed. We can perform a background check to ensure witness reliability. A fact gathering independent evaluation can aid you in making an informed decision.

We interview the witness as soon as the witness is physically and emotionally capable. The witness is interviewed in person, separately and thoroughly. The witness is interviewed for information. The witness statement is recorded in case the witness later changes the facts concerning his or her statement. We never make any assumptions. We only obtain factual information.

Our private investigators can investigate facts in the witness statement to ensure accuracy. You will receive an unbiased report with only the facts.