Can I hire a private investigator in Dallas Texas?

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If you’ve never had to hire a private investigator, you might not realize what they can and can’t do. PIs need to have a license to operate. Most states require a criminal justice degree, a law enforcement background, or an apprenticeship under a licensed investigator.

Regardless of qualifications, there is usually also a test to establish their understanding of the legal aspects of their job. Contrary to their image in movies and novels as outsiders who act on their own accord, actual private investigators provide a range of legal and investigative services for individuals and businesses.

What Do Private Investigators Do?

It’s common knowledge that private investigators are often hired to gather evidence in legal disputes, but these professionals can do so much more. Here’s a list of the most popular reasons that businesses and individuals hire a private investigator.

Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance:

Whether it’s tracking down a cheating spouse, finding a stalker, or just finding out whether someone has eyes on you, a private investigator can provide you with accurate intelligence and the professional testimony to contextualize it in court.

Background Checks and Due Diligence:

Whether you’re screening someone you met online before meeting in person or checking out job candidates for sensitive positions within your organization, proper background checks take access to professional investigative resources.

Forensic Document Investigation:

Document investigation using modern forensic methods can help unearth proof of doctoring and other evidence of fraud.

General Fraud Investigations:

Fake or altered documents aren’t the only kind of fraud PIs can detect. They also uncover the workings of larger fraud and confidence schemes to aid victims or legal professionals.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes:

Investigators are often hired by one side or the other in disputes between renters and landlords. For landlords, property usage and whether tenants abide by agreements can be the key to an eviction. For tenants, an investigation can uncover past violations and ongoing landlord issues that support the lawsuit or other civil remedy.

This is just a cross-section of services, which vary if the client is an individual or a business. Laws governing corporate background checks and employment screenings allow them, under some conditions, to request information not available to private individuals who request background checks or to companies who are conducting them for reasons other than pre-employment screening.

If you’re wondering whether a private investigator can help you, chances are the answer is yes, even if you need some help figuring out exactly what that investigator should do to gather evidence for you.

Expertise and Independence

The biggest reason why people hire an investigator is to gain access to the intellectual and professional capacities of someone who understands the process of uncovering evidence. It’s a highly unique skill set that is difficult to develop. The methods used are usually very dependent on the situation. Many times the client request is for evidence about an issue. Then the investigator devises the exact range of services, who explains their necessity and obtains client approval for the expenses.

This means clear communication is key when you are hiring an investigator, and it’s an important part of the job. If you are looking to hire a private investigator in Dallas, TexasA True PI  offers a range of services and can help you navigate the legal system when you need to resolve a dispute.

Is it legal to hire a Private Investigator in Dallas Texas

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Virtual Affairs and Infidelity During COVID

More people are having virtual affairs as the coronavirus pandemic wears on:

Data suggests more Americans are having virtual affairs during lockdown. Pandemic-related stress is straining relationships, driving people onto dating apps.

People who have affairs and get caught could have more trouble reconciling with their partners than usual.

There are many variables, “due to the intersection with the social, emotional, and financial consequences of COVID-19,” .

Its human nature that due to the current stress, this will be a drive an uptick in in-person affairs once the pandemic is over.

People are stressed, so they’re turning to dating apps and contacting ex-lovers

Though the pandemic has limited in-person meetups, Gordon and Mitchell of Insider said:

technologies like FaceTime, online dating services, and smartphones have allowed stressed out partners to find solace in virtual affairs. ”

Individuals who are dissatisfied in their current relationship are more likely to explore alternative options. The increased stress from the pandemic may be contributing to more negative perceptions for individuals of both their partner and their relationship,” they wrote.

According to data Gordon and Mitchell obtained from a dating website for married people (they didn’t disclose which site), 17,ooo new people have signed up for the services every day during the pandemic. This compares to the 1,500 daily new member sign-ups in 2019. People are also reaching out to ex-lovers during the pandemic despite being in committed relationships.

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Executive Bodyguard

Do you want to ensure the safety of your executive, celebrity or VIP (very important person)? A True P.I. executive celebrity bodyguards can provide a safe and secure environment for them to continue their busy and exhaustive lifestyles.

Our primary order of business is their protection and safety. Every trip to and from secure locations must be planned and designed for safety. We can also protect them from other threats such as harassment, medical emergencies, loss of valuable property and public embarrassment. We blend in with their environment to allow them to perform their daily activities without interference.

Our executive celebrity bodyguards have military and law enforcement experience and training. We provide 24–hour personal protection year round. We have state–of–the–art technology at our disposal to ensure the safety of our client and to prevent unauthorized listening, tracking, visual and harmful devices. We can also provide highly experienced drivers. Our bodyguards work as a team.

Our security and protective services include:

Threat Assessment and Risk Management

  • Threat Investigations
  • Assessment of Risk
  • Protective Plan Design
  • Surveillance of Hostile Parties
  • Armed, Plain Clothes Male & Female Protective Officers
  • Executive Protection during Labor Disputes
  • Personnel Asset Protection
  • Escort Employees with Sensitive Documents.

Protective/Security Services

  • CEO, HR–VP, Chief Engineer, etc.
  • Celebrities and Athletes
  • Families in Residence
  • Protection against Domestic Violence
  • Court Escorts
  • TRO/TPO Enforcement
  • Transportation & Advance Logistics Local, National, International.

Personal Bodyguard

Is someone ruining your life? Is a stalker making it impossible for you to live in comfort? Do you need a 24–hour personal protection bodyguard?

Stop living in fear! A True P.I. personal protection bodyguard can give you back your life and keep stalkers and others from hurting you. Our primary order of business is your protection and safety. We can also protect you from other threats such as harassment, medical emergencies, loss of valuable property and public embarrassment. We blend in with your environment to allow you to perform your daily activities without interference.

Our personal protection bodyguards have military and law enforcement experience and training. We provide 24–hour personal protection including evenings, weekends, and holidays. We can also provide highly experienced drivers. Our bodyguards can work as a team or individually.