Forensic Science & Handwriting Analysis

Forensic science, A True P.I

Evidence constitutes the most important factor in our investigations. Forensics or forensic science is the application of science to analyze evidence. There are many types of forensics: DNA profiling analyzes blood and semen evidence, and graphology analyzes handwriting evidence.

We have access to a full forensics laboratory that can perform blood and semen analysis, and handwriting analysis. Before our private investigation starts, you may provide us with samples for future comparison. During the course of our private investigation, we may find evidence that will require analysis.

During our marriage or divorce investigations, we may find evidence of infidelity. Our certified experts will analyze unknown substances found on clothing or other materials for the presence of semen, blood or hair samples. If semen, blood or hair samples are found, additional testing may be done for an additional charge to determine the DNA characteristics of the sample and of the client.

Our certified experts can also analyze handwriting samples. Graphology has many uses such as:

  • Pre–employment screenings
  • Legitimacy of documents
  • Profiling witnesses or informants
  • Profiling potential business partners.