Surveillance, providing proof, A True P.I

Are you concerned about your spouse? Are you uneasy about your business partner? Are you worried about a family member? Surveillance is the observation and monitoring of a person’s activities or activities surrounding a location from a distance with electronic equipment.

Our private investigators provide first–rate physical and electronic surveillance. We are extremely careful. We use state–of–the–art equipment to gather facts and evidence. Our investigators have law enforcement and military experience as well as training. Some surveillance jobs may require our private investigator to perform an undercover investigation.

We provide detailed reports and any evidence uncovered from our surveillance. We gather facts to aid you in making a better informed decision.

We provide surveillance for many types of investigations:

  • Marriage investigation
  • Discrimination investigation
  • Undercover investigation
  • Workers compensation investigation
  • Witness location, skip trace and people search
  • Criminal investigation
  • Sexual harassment investigation.