Listening Device Detection & invasion of privacy

Listening Device Detection & invasion of privacy, A True P.I

Do you get the strange feeling that you are being watched? Do you have strange conversations where the other person knows everything about you? Do you hear strange noises on you phone? Does it seem that someone has been using your computer? A True P.I. is committed to your privacy.

Unfortunately, electronic surveillance devices recording your every sound, movement and keystrokes, commonly known as bugs, has improved over the years. Our private investigators are experienced at finding listening devices, eavesdropping devices, recording devices, wireless devices, security cameras, audio and video surveillance devices, snooping devices, and microphones.

We understand the many applications of electronic surveillance devices since we use them every day in our line of private investigative work. Our private investigators will examine your situation. We will conduct a visual and electronic inspection sweep. We will inspect all your electronic equipment, including your computers and cell phones, and conduct tests.