Executive Bodyguard

Do you want to ensure the safety of your executive, celebrity or VIP (very important person)? A True P.I. executive celebrity bodyguards can provide a safe and secure environment for them to continue their busy and exhaustive lifestyles.

Our primary order of business is their protection and safety. Every trip to and from secure locations must be planned and designed for safety. We can also protect them from other threats such as harassment, medical emergencies, loss of valuable property and public embarrassment. We blend in with their environment to allow them to perform their daily activities without interference.

Our executive celebrity bodyguards have military and law enforcement experience and training. We provide 24–hour personal protection year round. We have state–of–the–art technology at our disposal to ensure the safety of our client and to prevent unauthorized listening, tracking, visual and harmful devices. We can also provide highly experienced drivers. Our bodyguards work as a team.

Our security and protective services include:

Threat Assessment and Risk Management

  • Threat Investigations
  • Assessment of Risk
  • Protective Plan Design
  • Surveillance of Hostile Parties
  • Armed, Plain Clothes Male & Female Protective Officers
  • Executive Protection during Labor Disputes
  • Personnel Asset Protection
  • Escort Employees with Sensitive Documents.

Protective/Security Services

  • CEO, HR–VP, Chief Engineer, etc.
  • Celebrities and Athletes
  • Families in Residence
  • Protection against Domestic Violence
  • Court Escorts
  • TRO/TPO Enforcement
  • Transportation & Advance Logistics Local, National, International.