Undercover Investigator

Undercover Investigator, A TrueP.I

Theft, drugs, alcohol, harassment, sexual harassment, and vandalism –– Businesses cannot afford these illegal activities at the workplace. Stop these illegal activities and find the truth!

Deciding to have your employees or your workplace investigated for theft, drugs, alcohol, harassment, sexual harassment, and vandalism can improve your work environment and your profit margin. At A True P.I., we provide undercover agents and private investigators to investigate these illegal activities.

We will meet with your company representative to discuss your goals. We will assess your needs and insert one or more undercover agents in your organization. During the course of our undercover investigation, we will accumulate detailed reports, and conclusive evidence such as surveillance records (photos, videos and/or audio recordings), e–mails, interviews, and/or phone records. We have state–of–the–art technology at our disposal to gather the information you need. We will provide answers to your questions.