Service of Process

Service of Process, A True P.I

A True P.I. offers service of process, to give legal notice of a subpoena, summons, complaint, small claims or petition. Specifically, we offer personal service by process server which is required to prove service of process.

When an individual party to be served is unavailable for personal service, many jurisdictions allow for substituted service. Substituted service of process allow the process server to leave subpoena, summons, complaint or petition with another responsible individual such as adult family member or adult roommates living at the same residence. Substituted service often requires a serving party to show that ordinary service is impracticable and that substituted service will reach the party and effect notice.

We also offer witness locating, skip trace and people search to effectively deliver service of process such as subpoena, summons, complaint, small claims or petition. Informant locating is also available.