Witness location and Skip Trace

Witness location and Skip Trace, A True P.I

Locating the current whereabouts of a key witness or a party is crucial to the successful disposition of an attorney’s legal case, summary judgment recovery or recovery of stolen property. Skip trace, skip tracking, people search, find people and witness location are the same phrases to describe the process of locating someone. At A True P.I., we can track the current address or whereabouts of any person you wish to locate.

Our private investigators will perform a background check on this person to contact any family members, former and current neighbors, former and current employers, known associates and friends, former and current spouse, and former and current romantic partners. This is thorough search. We will visually confirm the address or current whereabouts of this person.

We will provide you with detailed reports, and if required surveillance records (photos, videos and/or audio recordings). We have state–of–the–art technology at our disposal to and grit to find the people you need to find.