Mr. Curtis Pritchard is a native born Texan, went to High school and college in north Texas, excelling in academics and athletics. After graduating he became a U.S. Marine serving his country with Honor and integrity. After being honorably discharged he returned to Texas and began his study of the law and a new career in Private Investigations creating the brand Private Investigator Austin Texas keeping with his adoptive motto, “Do the Right Thing in The Right way for The Right Reason”, Mr. Pritchard works hard at providing his clients with the best service possible by maintaining his training and education to keep up with the changing techniques and technology of the industry. With our world’s recent catastrophic events, we are in a time of an ever increasing need for courage, integrity, and devotion with a straight forward intelligent fair minded approach to the quest for the truth against rapidly multiplying terrorist attacks, civil wrongs and criminal offenses.  Private Investigator Austin Texas knows that in this climate there needs to be focus on the ethical performance and professional duty of the private investigator.  A Private Investigator that works for Private Investigator Austin Texas must maintain their continuing education and qualifications.