High-Level Corporate Investigations Dallas and Fort Worth, DFW Metroplex

A True P.I. Investigations we have several corporate investigative teams have an immense amount of experience in representing companies and governments in complex law enforcement investigations, as well as white-collar crime related matters.

A True P.I. Investigations has trained investigators handle many investigations involving fraud, theft, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets, cargo theft, internal affairs, corruption, non-compete contract violations, injury cases, and surveillance.

We advise and represent clients in grand jury investigations; internal corporate investigations; trials involving allegations of securities fraud, antitrust violations, bank fraud, insider trading, government contract fraud, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and violations of the False Claims Act; and in the establishment and maintenance of corporate compliance programs.

A True P.I. Investigationsā€™ Corporate Clients have come to rely on us for confidential investigations of everything from repetitive false claims and petty thefts to major defalcations involving breaches of responsibility at the highest organizational levels. In all cases, our focus is on determining the scope of the loss, the parties involved, and the actions needed to prevent a re-occurrence. We dedicate ourselves to finding the truth.

We assist the corporate client in establishing comprehensive review procedures, conducting interviews, and handling crisis management consulting so as to avoid or lessen the impact of negative publicity or governmental action.

We have offices in Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston Texas