What’s Your Child is Engaged in Online?

Screen time is on the rise, take a moment to set some rules and expectations with your partner and children. Learn about some apps that are out there.  As  family’s have been hunkered down at home during the coronavirus pandemic, parents are worried about what their children are doing online while surfing the web for schoolwork or playing video games, especially when they are not in their custody. Maybe you are going through a tough time with your spouse and you are splitting child care responsibilities.

Perhaps your in a child custody battle and are concerned how your child is spending their time while out of your care? Most boys are avid gamers and there are all sorts of things that may befall them, from exposure to content that’s violent or sexual to inappropriate contact with adults. “It’s a strange new world,” you say. “I have blocked their devices from adult content, but that doesn’t mean predators can’t try to chat with them online in the games. You are not alone. As children spend more time online—and parents cope with a broad range of free-floating anxieties—it’s natural for parents to dwell on the potential dangers, from a child falling victim to a sextortion scam (in which an adult blackmails a minor into taking and sharing explicit photos or video) to a tragic but rare event like an abduction by an online predator.

Even Zoom Calls Aren’t as Private as You May Think. The guarded good news from experts is that for most kids, the increased screen time during the pandemic won’t automatically translate into increased risk. Other changes caused by the crisis may actually keep children safer. “Parents sometimes go to the worst-case scenario, but the chances of that happening to your child are tiny,” says Anne Collier, executive director of the Net Safety Collaborative. “And right now, children are quite likely safer online than they ever were.”

However, the concern is how can you be sure of what is happening while they are out of your care? We care about your concerns just as much as you do!

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