How True PI Supports For Workers Compensation Investigations In Houston

A True P.I. is fully insured and bonded with over 25 years experience in investigating workers compensation cases. We know and understand the difficult task of workers compensation investigations in Dallas Texas. Workers compensation investigations in Texas includes risk management and in protecting the “bottom line”, with our knowledge and experience in workers compensation investigations we are confident that once on your vendor list you will give us 1% and we will earn the other 99%.

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A True P.I. knows there is more to a workers compensation investigations case than just surveillance, the key is knowledge “we know what we know”, we do an actual workers compensation investigation of the subject because “knowledge is power.” In the current state of the economy fraud becomes a critical problem and must be discovered and stopped in a timely fashion to protect the company’s economic growth. Contact A True PI today for all of your workers compensation investigation needs in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth and surrounding cities in Texas.